Cogolo di Pejo is located in a small valley in the heart of the Stelvio National Park: the Val di Pejo.

Here, it is still nature that marks the time and determines its rhythms. Its authentic scents and sounds come from running water, rustling leaves, and animals grazing freely in the fields.

Centuries-old forests and meadows spread out as far as the eye can see, towards the highest mountains and the glaciers.
From the laws of nature and the struggles of everyday life, man has learnt to respectthis ecosystem and to hand down the ancient wisdom of his ancestors.

Cogolo di Pejo is also home to one of the most striking views in Val di Pejo: the enchanting church of Saints Filippo and Giacomo, with its exquisite external frescos painted by the Baschenis brothers, and a few metres away there is the Palazzo Migazzi that looks out onto Migazzi Square.

Here you will discover a “little alpine world” which is made up of flavours and scents, moments of silence and whispered words, colours and emotions, as well as history, culture and tradition. A world of values, which are deeply rooted into the solid land of our mountains.
Cogolo Cogolo - SS. Filippo e Giacomo Church Cogolo - Scorcio tipico Cogolo - Maso di paese