Stelvio National Park

A holiday in the Stelvio National Park will provide you with an experience full of vitality, and memories that will stay with you for a long time.

It is the biggest park in Italy as well as one of the oldest, whose foundation dates back to 1935. Unlike what was being done before then, it was decided that this large area, where people were also living, should be protected. This is still the main peculiarity of the Stelvio National Park: its perfect nature with its various forms and colours coexists with man, creating a centuries-old symbiosis, which, although it is not always easy, is unique and original.

Perennial glaciers and uncontaminated valleys, silent woods and majestic mountains. You are hit by the beauty of its huge variety of flowers and plants, which hide away medicinal secrets. Then there are deer, marmots, roe deer, squirrels, eagles, and the return of the bearded vulture and the steinbock. These are just some of the wonders that form part of the Stelvio National Park’s incredible biodiversity.

You will be won over by the beauty of the mountains, the enjoyable walks, the adventurous excursions, seeing wild animals, and looking out for some of the most picturesque locations. This is all possible either through one of the numerous trips organised by the Park, which are suitable for both adults and children, or by exploring the territory of the Park at your own leisure, alone or with your family and friends.

At the Domina Home Parco dello Stelvio, you will discover a passion for nature and experience intense pleasure having it around you.

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