Ecoristorazione Trentino (Ecocatering)

Ecoristorazione Trentino is a project that was started in the autonomous Province of Trento in April 2011.

This initiative came from an idea to bring together all tourism businesses that are involved in initiatives aimed at protecting the environment under one label.

This is an actual agreement signed between a business and the Trentino Province itself, which lasts for three years and involves constant monitoring of the work carried out by the business.
To join the project, and to then be awarded the trademark, you must carry out a series of changes, some of which are obligatory, others at your own discretion, in all areas of your business: food and drink, waste, energy, water, non-edible products and information.

It is necessary to: include locally sourced ingredients from around Trentino and biological products on our menus, get rid of any single-dose packaging which is not particularly necessary, provide information about the possible use of tap water, only use lighting systems with a class A energy efficiency, and use ecological and certified cleaning products.

The final thing that we have to do concerns providing information, both internally and externally, which is especially aimed at increasing our guests’ awareness of sustainable environmental behaviour. We will therefore be happy to answer all of your questions, show you what we have done so far, and explain to you how you can also help protect the environment.

Official website for Ecoristorazione Trentino initiative

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