People come to Val di Pejo for its nature, culture and sport, but here you will also find water - water that is extremely pure and full of precious minerals.

The Terme di Pejo spa has three main springs: Fonte Alpina, Antica Fonte and Nuova Fonte. They originate in the Ortler Alps, in the heart of the Stelvio National Park.

On its way down the slopes towards the valley, this water is enriched with various minerals, giving it its unique chemical composition that it is renowned for.

The water at the Terme di Pejo spa has special therapeutic qualities that help against gastroenteric, urinary, bone, respiratory and dermatological ailments.

It guarantees to give you an energy boost, ideal for a holiday in the Stelvio National Park that restores the energies of the body and the mind.


Special offer Summer 2014!  For the guests of Domina Home Parco dello Stelvio discount of 25%  on two special thermal programs. Don't esitate to email us for information!


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