To take part in some of the more challenging excursions, through the naturalistic scenery of the Stelvio National Park, just like in Val di Pejo, all you need to do is prepare a backpack and put on a pair of boots: the organisation of the excursion, its itinerary, and breaks are all taken care of by the mountain guides – expert professionals who are reliable and will keep you safe. All you have to do is book!

If you just want to go for a quiet walk, you can go directly from Cogolo di Pejo, right from the Domina Home Parco dello Stelvio: all you have to do is venture out into nature; either let yourself be guided by your instincts, or follow one of the many pathways indicated on maps.

The mountains of the Ortler Alps will be a majestic backdrop for your walks, showing off their snow-capped peaks, slopes covered in woodland, rivers, lakes, and pastures.

To add to this fairy-tale scenery, you could get to know and admire the area’s flora and fauna, by booking a guided tour led by one of the park’s expert members of staff.